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Who we are

Conform s.r.l. is a private company that has been providing employment and integrated communication services throughout Italy since 1998.
Our main areas of actions range from placement services to career counseling and vocational training, from communication services to managerial consultancy.
We are aware of the complexity and of the constant changes affecting current labour market and for this reason Conform s.rl. adopts a comprehensive strategy, constantly working in close contact with its clients. Our aim is to deliver tailor- made services both for public institutions and private firms.

We have been cooperating with Italian public administrations for almost 20 years and are now also working with private organizations to be able to respond to an ever-growing need for multidisciplinary services, as we can support complex project management, from the designing to the final reporting stage.
Our long experience has produced a good network of partners, both in the public and the private sectors, letting us cover many economic fields all over Italy.
We have been partners of many European projects, such as Evoke, Enhanced Vocational Opportunities, Knowledge and Education – Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project 2011-2013; TOUR “Tourism in Europe;, CULT Cultural Training for young people PLM Leonardo da Vinci programme and MO.TU.S MOving for ToUristic Skills.


What we do
We deal with brokering, consultancy and training services and with productsand services in the labour field at European level. We execute projects and innovative services to create new solutions for employability.

Conform s.r.l. professionally delivers skills assessment services, that include structured interventions of career counseling, especially designed for people who want to look for or change their job positions. We are official members of FECBOP (European Federation of Financial Statements Centers and Professional Orientation) with a large team of certified professionals.

We are managing FSE-financed projects such as Youth Garantee, which is the European plan for combating youth unemployment and Over 40, employment pathways for the job-placement of people who are more than 40 years old.

Projects by Conform are characterised by their versatility and they are designed to be offered to companies, enterprises, public authorities at all levels, bodies governed by public law and to public and private research facilities. Conform provides a wide array of different services and products such as:

Consultancy services in the employment field: we make use of skilled and certified experts specialise in creating competence assessments and in managing individual interviews. The distribution of these services varies from recipient to recipient, on the basis of his/her needs and individuality.
The implementation of these assessments is based on certified methodology which    complies  with the criteria contained in the Fecbop and which conforms to PerformanSe, a system specialise in evaluating and managing behavioural skills. The competence assessment is an individual consultancy service aimed at identifying and enhancing professional skills and experiences by taking account of attitudes and personal interest. This service is intended to design or redesign a career path in line with market requirements. This consultancy can provide assistance to both employers and companies, which aim at improving and evaluating their human resources.
Further information: infobdc@gruppoconform.it

Outplacement services: we make use of outplacement and individual interviews experts, who help workers in their relocation and we guarantee to keep providing assistance without additional costs in case that the host institution decides not to renew the employment relationship.
To find out more: Outplacement is a service intended for companies and employers and it    aims at inserting workers in a new professional experience. Companies make use of this service in the event of company reorganisation and staff reduction. It is important to note that this service is capable of protecting the imagine of the company, reducing disputes and it is used as a form of legal protection as well.
Further information: servizi@gruppoconform.it

Training services:  we support companies by providing training services to their employers, managers, partners and entrepreneurs. Our activities are aimed at researching and launching projects. We also plan and manage training processes in the fields of re-training and deepening of technical competence. Our experts implement different solutions depending on the specific need of companies and enterprises.
Conform works with the main inter-professional funds and with the European Social Fund (ESF) and it is accredited to Fonditalia and Formatemp. Furthermore, we give assistance to companies at all stages of the implementation of training projects.
To find out more: Training services are a vital tool for a company that aims at being competitive and maintaining or increasing its clients and market share. This is why training has to be considered as an investment rather than as a simple expenditure. From this perspective, we make sure the training costs can be covered by identifying contributions and financing, which we propose to our clients.
Further information: aziende@gruppoconform.it

Employment services: Our brokerage house sets up services in employment and enterprises fields. We plan and manage job-matching services with the aid of our specialised operators at Jobcentres on the national territory. We are accredited by some Italian regions, this allows us to provide these employment services by using public funds as well. We work for both companies and jobseekers with multiple services such as outplacement, tutorship programmes and creation of competence assessments.

Outplacement consultancy: our outplacement services are tools available for companies and employees, allowing them the reintegration of workers in new professional environments, as a result of corporate restructuring and reorganization, along with single or groups redundancies.
Conform s.r.l. helps workers with their relocation and ensures a long-term service, at no additional cost, in case an employee does not exceed an initial probationary period or in the event that he/she is not employed at the end of a fixed-term contract, according to the Italian law.
Staff recruitings: Conform s.r.l. can support companies in recruiting and selecting personnel, as we can provide the whole process of staff selection; from the creation of a job description to interviewing candidates.
Internships: Conform s.r.l. is an official internship promoting agency in Italy; we manage the interviews with the would-be trainees, helping them in the choice of a suitable firm. Conform promotes the agreement with the hosting company, designing a convention and a training plan, making the link with  local public bodies, using specific IT programs.


How to find us
via Antonio Cantore 6/8
16149 Genoa
tel. +39 010.6465864
fax + 39 010.6459077
Office hours
monday—friday: 8:30am–5:30pm